Alonso and a is properos brother he’s also the king of napoles ” my son is lost”

In this chapter jack called a assenbably to convised the leaders to choose him as leader and not Ralph. Ralph and Robert had a fight Ralph ask jack if he was scared of the beast

At the start of chapter one is when Ralph meets piggy and they had a  conversation but no one listen to him

the frozen image that I’m going to talk about is the one that me Tianne,Swabby,Zakary, we laid on the floor for the war we all started in the front line then one of them went down then the next then the next the te last guy will fall with a black blanket repenting death and […]

it was a dark night with fog you couldn’t really see far from where u was standing, I was thinking  to my self where I’m I now I looked kind of lost but I was going to a place that my gf was then all of a sudden I start seeing stuff I was screaming […]

  The character that I played in the scene is someone that was dead cause of the event that happen which is war the stuff that happened like shooting and covering people or treating injures or just try not to die and to protect your friends or bothers, back in the day lady’s were used […]

In my opinion the Internet is not destroying the English language  because everything in the world is not perfect a language is always going to have slang in it is just life to me honest everyone is going to know about slang unless they make a rule not to use slang bcut I  doubt it. […]

In the images you can see men at the front line when your there they can’t show that they are scared cause your the first people onsite soo that means that they are the first people the other side want to kill to make them have an easier job to do with less people trying […]

In our act we were acting out what lady’s do at home while the men are at war eg cleaning, washing the plates, looking after the kid also they would send letters to their husbands or boyfriends they would write stuff like I love you, keep being  strong, I’m waiting for you, stuff to make […]

The V effect  helps people and develop their understanding in drama they way that I found it easier is by really looking at every actor e.g. Facial expressions, the way their standing and the way their actor is behaving in that particular situation. I  like the way the V -effect makes everything kind of like mysterious […]